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Lititz is located in picturesque Lancaster County, PA, about 75 miles west of Philadelphia and 8 miles north of Lancaster city, nestled right in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country and farmland. The town of Lititz is a popular stop for local and out-of state visitors and is rich in historical landmarks and known for it's assortment of quaint shops.

Take a stroll along Main Street and stop to see the many points of historical interest such as the Mueller House, The Revolutionary War Hospital, Linden Hall (one of the oldest private schools for girls in the U.S.) Stop and learn how to roll your own pretzel at The Sturgis Pretzel House, where the pretzel was first introduced in the country, or satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the Wilbur Chocolate Company and sample some of their "Wilbur Buds" or enjoy a walk through Lititz Springs Park.

Settled in the early 1700's by German and English immigrants, the town of Lititz officially celebrated it's 255th Anniversary last summer, highlighted by our world-famous
Fourth of July Spectacular, the longest continuous running July 4th celebration in the United States. It is held each year in our beautiful Lititz Springs Park. For more information about the July 4th celebration and the park itself, visit the Lititz Springs Park website.

Rich in history, Lititz was originally a Moravian settlement and the Moravian Church is still today, a center-piece and guiding force of the Lititz community. To learn more about the history of Lititz in much greater detail, visit the Lititz History page for a fascinating, in-depth chronicle of the first settlers, right up to present day Lititz.

In addition to it's rich history and inviting attractions, you will be charmed by the warmth and friendly nature of the people who live and work here. From the innkeeper, merchant, municipal servant to the local residents, the people of Lititz make all who come here feel welcome and at home. And we think you will agree that the people are one of Lititz's greatest assets.

The Community
The people of Lititz pride themselves for the strong sense of community and making Lititz a most desirable place to live, work and raise a family. From the numerous churches, schools and civic organizations to the strong business community, the residents of Lititz enjoy a safe, secure and abundant life-style and pass those virtues on to all who choose to come to Lititz to visit shop, work or live.

Now that you know a little about our town, it's history and it's people, discover for yourself how much there is to do and see...

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